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Team Magical Mongolian Mystery Tour is offering sponsorship opportunities to corporations interested in promoting their brand across Eastern Europe. Sponsorship funding will go toward Team MMT Vehicle costs(Vehicle, fuel, insurance), and operating costs (this website). We offer three levels of sponsorship:

  • C level $300 donation
  • B level $600 donation
  • A level $900 donation

To our sponsors, we offer:

  1. Advertising space on our website
  2. Advertising space on our ambulance:
    • C level: 25x25 cm
    • B level : 50x50 cm
    • A level: 100x100 cm
* please note: that we will also need the sponsor to provide the advertisement sticker or decal.
  1. Photographs of your advertisement traveling though our proposed route.
    • C level: at Least 5 photographs
    • B level: at Least 10 photographs
    • A level: at Least 25 photographs
  2. Personalized video post card messages along the way
    • C level: at Least 1
    • B level: at Least 2
    • A level: at Least 4
  3. Paper post card
    • C level: at Least 2
    • B level: at Least 4
    • A level: at Least 8
  4. Option to be featured on our video blog by our team
  5. A level: Mystery souvenir from Central Asia!

Our car will be featured on the Mongol Rally website which sees tons of traffic from all over the world. There will be media coverage at the launch site in London on July 24, the Czech-out event in Prague, and the finishing line. Plus, the vehicle will be seen by all the people that we pass by on our way to Mongolia and likely be mentioned in numerous film project related to the Mongol Rally!

please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

An example of a previous team's car with decals:

Current list of sponsors:


Our Charities

We are raising money for Doctors Without Borders (MSF)! Please donate to their cause.

We are raising money for Mercycorps. MercyCorps. Please donate to their cause